TADMOR (Voluntary Liquidation)
ביה"ס המרכזי למלונאות בע"מ
תדמור (בפירוק מרצון)

Access to the secured website

In order to obtain access to the secured website (containing all relevant documents), each interested party must proceed as follows:
1. Submit payment of USD 1500 with major credit cards via PayPal
2. Download the confidentiality statement. The party must sign the statement detailed therein and approve such signature with a lawyer.
3. Attach the color PDF scan of the signed and approved statement and the PayPal payment confirmation number in the form:
Attach a signed confidentiality statement:
*How did you hear about the Tender?
After completing all of the instructions stated above Tadmor will send the party a link to the secure website, a user name and a password with which such party will be able to access to the secured website.